Sunday, 15 February 2009

Filipino railway workers needed in Romania

The Manila Bulletin

Despite the gloomy forecast of a world recession which has affected thousands of overseas Filipino workers in Taiwan, Korea, Dubai, and other parts of the world, Romania in eastern Europe has placed a job order for Filipino railway workers to upgrade its railway network.

Romania, the largest country in southeastern Europe and the 12th largest in the continent, needs workers to maintain the fourth largest railway network in Europe.

Romania has 22,300 kilometers of railroad tracks and the railways carried 45 percent of all passenger and freight traffic in 2007.

Railway construction foremen, railway constructors, road engineers, asphalting foremen, steel benders, train engine operators, machine-cutters and welders are just a few of the 100 positions which Jerphi Placement and Overseas Trading Corp. received from their principal in Romania.

Workers with overseas construction experience and other applicants with experience in railroads and road building projects are welcome to apply at the Jerphi offices at Unit 219 Aurora Bldg. 2 at Arquiza corner Bocobo streets in Ermita, Manila.

Applicants should bring complete documents like passports, 6 2x2 passport pictures, TOR, job certifications and NBI clearance. Those who may wish to apply online can do so at

Mr. Manny Geslani of Jerphi said interviews are held daily for prequalification and scheduling for final interviews with principals this March.

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