Sunday, 1 February 2009

Philippine government poverty alleviation and financial initiatives


Botika ng Barangay
The Botika ng Barangay (BnB) refers to a drug outlet managed by a legitimate community organization (CO/non-government organization (NGO) and/or the Local Government Unit (LGU), with a trained operator and a supervising pharmacist specifically established in accordance with Administrative Order No. 144 s.2004.

Republic Act 9502, or the Cheaper and Quality Medicines Act of 2008
An act providing for cheaper and quality medicines, amending for the purpose Republic act no. 8293 or the intellectual property code, Republic act no. 6675 or the generics act of 1988.

Pantawid Kuryente: Katas ng VAT
A program that aims to give back to the poor the benefits reaped from the implementation of the expanded value added tax (EVAT), specifically from the 12 percent VAT on petroleum products. It targets families who consume electricity not more than 100 kilowatt hour a month by providing them a one-time P500 lifeline subsidy.

PGMA Training for Work Scholarship Program
A joint project of government agencies, spearheaded by Technical Education and Skills Development (TESDA), Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) and Office of the Presidential Adviser for Jobs Creation (OPAJC), private sector organizations, industry associations, labor unions and public and private education and training institutions.

National Seed Program
Some P1.68 billion in windfall earnings from the 12% E-VAT on oil products will augment subsidies for palay farmers starting this wet season or main crop. Subsidies for palay farmers are in the form of certified seeds to increase rice sufficiency and providing food on the table of every Filipino family.

Food-for-School Program
The program specifically aims to improve school attendance and academic performance of Grades I and II pupils; mitigate hunger and prevent further decline of nutritional status of learners through short-term food subsidy scheme; provide livelihood/employment opportunities to parents of beneficiaries.

Tinapay ng Bayan
The government’s program of providing development programs for out-of-school youths, at the same time, boosting the accelerated hunger mitigation program of the government which includes increased food production to bring affordable food items to Filipino families, especially the poor.

FIELDS (Fertilizers, Irrigation, Extension & Education for farmers, Loans, Dryers and post-harvest facilities and seeds) programs
The FIELDS program stands for Fertilizer, Irrigation and other rural infrastructure, Extension, Research and farmers' education, Loans, Dryers and other postharvest facilities, and Seeds.

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  1. for a country rich with natural and human resources, it is quite disappointing to see that many pinoys are still living in poverty. one cannot blame it solely to the government. each individual has each a responsibility to himself to get out of the poverty. this link in
    deals discusses reasons why many pinoys remained poor.