Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Philippine President tasks infra agencies to show solid progress in bidding, implementation of projects


President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo said today government agencies in-charge of infrastructure and social programs under the P300-billion stimulus package must demonstrate solid progress in bidding out and implementing the projects.

In her speech during the multi-sectoral jobs summit dubbed, “Joining Hands Against the Global Crisis” this morning in Malacanang, the President pointed out that the government would pursue its policy of massive investments in physical and human infrastructure to pump-prime the country's economy in 2009.

“I direct key agencies to show solid progress in bidding out and/or implementing major infra and social projects under the 300 billion pesos stimulus plan,” she said.

The economic stimulus package is intended to upgrade infrastructure and capital stock as well as expand social protection to ensure sustainable growth and attain the higher end of the growth targets for this year.

“We consider this the most important government initiative this year. And the agencies, you should start seeing the agencies rolling out tangible results. This will be part of our subject matter in our Cabinet meeting tomorrow,” the President said.

The components of the economic stimulus package involve huge spending government spending on infrastructure and social projects during the first semester.

The focus of the spending program is the infrastructure sector.

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