Friday, 10 April 2009

Departure Statement of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo ASEAN Plus Summits and Dubai


The world economy continues to challenge developed and developing nations alike. This and North Korea’s missile launch underline the importance of our upcoming ASEAN Plus and East Asian Summits.

Within the context of a turbulent world, it is essential to keep our own region as calm and coordinated as possible. The ASEAN Plus and East Asian Summits should be an anchor for member states to keep control of our own backyard.

The Philippine economy remains resilient. ASEAN and related meetings are always an opportunity for us to advance our interests and compare ways to bolster our economy through cooperation with our neighboring countries.

It will be important for East Asian leaders to agree on actions to further strengthen our regional economy and on steps to promote peace and stability. We similarly take a strong stand for continued and united efforts on the region’s economy and security.

After the ASEAN Plus and East Asian Summits, I will travel to Dubai to promote the interests of our expatriate workers there. The economy has been particularly difficult in Dubai, but Philippine workers are still the most sought-after workers in the UAE. As such, I will be going there to champion our workers before the government and those firms that are hiring workers in Dubai.

Central to keeping our economy moving is keeping our workers employed – at home and abroad. The central mission of the Philippine government is the health, security and safety of our people. Good jobs and good wages will continue to help achieve those goals.

Global engagement has been an essential component of what has kept the Philippines from getting pulled under the raging economic waves sweeping most countries. Abroad, our economy is increasingly diversified; we have spread the risk of our reliance on other nations and other markets. At home, today we are a strong, consumer-driven nation that relies less and less on exports and more and more on our own domestic economy.


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