Thursday, 30 April 2009

Philippine President praises employers for help in crisis

Cites help of business & labor sectors in overcoming challenges of global economic crisis

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo today cited the role of the business and labor sectors in nation-building and in helping the government overcome the challenges arising from the global economic crisis.

The President expressed her gratitude for the “sense of community” of employers in the business sector during the closing ceremonies of the 30th National Conference of Employers (NCE) this morning (Wednesday, April 29) at the Manila Hotel.

Saying the global crisis also offers opportunities, the leaders of the business sector who are the country’s biggest employers assured the President that they will work with the government in preserving jobs and businesses.

The employers’ expression of “community” with the government in the midst of the worldwide economic downturn was contained in a resolution they presented to the President.

In their resolution, the employers also vowed to minimize job losses and business dislocations; build the capacity of the domestic economy to create jobs and business; and unite in support of reform and transformation in society, particularly in improving economic and political governance.

In her speech, the President also thanked the business sector for sharing the sacrifices of their workers by letting them undergo work-sharing and training arrangements instead of directly laying them off.

Instead of lay-offs, the President urged companies to pay half the minimum wage of their workers to undergo training at the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) for them to become more competitive and productive when they find new employments.

The President thanked companies like the Calamba-based Yazaki Torres which continues to provide half of the basic pay of its workers who are “on vacation.”

She also expressed her gratitude to the country’s labor sector for its strong bond with employers, thus resulting in sustained industrial peace in the workplace.

“We must and we will sustain this partnership as we work together to hasten our country’s economic rebound. And that is our response to the global crisis,” the President said. (PND)

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