Monday, 4 May 2009

Kawasaki sees 15% sales growth in the Philippines


KAWASAKI MOTORS Philippines Corp. expects sales to continue growing this year albeit at a slower pace, focusing on maintaining market share amid an economic slowdown.

At the sidelines of the launch of three new motorcycle models last Saturday, sales and marketing senior manager Teench Layosa-Doval Santos estimated Kawasaki Philippines sales to grow at a conservative 15% "for a supposedly crisis year," down from last year’s robust growth of 53%.

In terms of market share, Ms. Santos said Kawasaki Philippines expects to hold on to 21%. "We ended last year at 21% when three years back we would have been happy with 15%," she said.

Kawasaki Philippines ranks second in market share in the Philippine motorcycle industry, behind Honda Philippines, Inc.

The company also announced a tie-up with Indian automotive firm Bajaj Auto, "to provide riders with high-quality, reasonable and trendy new models," said Chairman and President Yoshihiro Tanigawa.

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