Thursday, 21 May 2009

Nokia wants to make Philippines the e-mail capital of the world

Lawrence Agcaoili
Manila Standard

Mobile phone giant Nokia Philippines has launched three new mobile phones as part of efforts to transform the Philippines into the leading mobile phone e-mail capital of the world.

Nokia Philippines general manager William Hamilton Whyte said the company introduced the Nokia 2323, Nokia 2700 classic and 2730 classic to bring Internet closer to mobile phone users.

Whyte said the Finland-based mobile phone maker planned to make the Philippines the leading mobile phone e-mail capital of the world on top of being the texting center of the world over the next three years.

He said the mobile phone penetration rate in the Philippines was at a high of 80 percent. About 95 percent of the total mobile phone subscribers in the Philippines are pre-paid subscribers and only 5 percent are post-paid users.

He said Internet access would be accessible and affordable to most Filipinos with the new Internet-ready mobile phones costing an average of P5,000 a unit.

Only 15 million of the 80 million Filipinos had access to Internet right now, with most of them through personal computers.

“I think it [Internet penetration rate] is going to move very fast and within the next three years, we will make sure that the Philippines will be the leading mobile phone e-mail capital of the Philippines,” Whyte said.

Nokia vice president for entry category marketing Paula Laine said there was enormous potential in the Philippines as about 60 million Filipinos had access to mobile phones while only 15 million were linked to the Internet.

“That leaves about 45 million Filipinos who could access the Internet through their mobile phones. Nokia makes the Internet available and affordable to everyone,” Laine said.

According to an extensive Nokia consumer research, nearly half of the emerging market customers said they would rather connect to the Internet over a mobile phone than a personal computer.

Nokia has developed locally relevant solutions that consist of affordable mobile phones and applications, designed and built from the ground up to meet the specific needs of customers in the developing world.

Nokia has launched a campaign to encourage mobile phone users to set up e-mail accounts with in order to gain access to their mail through 35 Nokia mobile phone models.

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