Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Philippines reports 14.7% increase in 2008 deployments


Manila (12 May) -- Administrator Jennifer Manalili of the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) said there is a 14.7 percent increase in deployments in 2008 as compared to the figures in 2007.

The Malacanang press report disclosed that Administrator Manalili said more Pinoys got hired abroad last year as she disputed claims of some players in the recruitment industry that the number of overseas deployments is diving. .

She also clarified that land based new hires in 2008 reached 376,973 which is 20.3 percent higher than 2007 and far from what the source in the newspaper reports claimed.

The 2008 POEA final report also revealed that the Middle East —particularly Qatar, UAE, Oman and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia —continued to be the favoured destination for OFWs where there was 33.9 percent increase for new hires as compared to 2007 statistics.

OFW contracts processed in 2008, Manalili said, registered 1.464 million which is 12.1 percent increased compared to 2007 figures, the Malacanang press report disclosed. (PIA 6)

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