Thursday, 23 July 2009

Molina leads RP world swimfest campaign

June Navarro
Philippine Daily Inquirer

SPEARHEADED BY OLYMPIANS AND reigning Southeast Asian Games champions, the national team gets a big boost in its build-up for the Southeast Asian Games by competing in the World Swimming Championships starting July 26 in Rome, Italy.

Beijing Olympians Miguel Molina, James Walsh and Daniel Coakley will lead the week-long RP campaign in the meet featuring entries from 150 countries.

Swimming chief Mark Joseph said the competition is easily the most prestigious event for the national tankers who are preparing for the Southeast Asian Games to be held in Laos on Dec. 9 to 18.

“We are very excited to see our swimmers race with the world’s best,” said Joseph. “This is the biggest delegation we have named to the world championships.”

Rookies Robert Walsh, Kendrick Uy and Charles Walker will join the other United States-trained swimmers in the men’s team while Marichi Gandioco and Erica Totten are expected to carry the load for the women’s squad.

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