Monday, 12 October 2009

Nena's Manila

Christine Wuthrich

When foreigners or even locals think about travelling around the Philippines, Manila isn't usually top of mind.

More often than not, what is shown about our country on most travelogues, brochures, blogs, and magazines are images of landscapes outside the capital: beaches, volcanoes, coral reefs, rice terraces, etc.

And all with good reason, of course. But sometimes I wish more people would give Manila a chance. If you allow yourself to look past the traffic and smog, you'll be rewarded with pleasant surprises only a city as gritty yet as captivating as Manila can offer.

And what I believe makes Manila even more charming is the people. So I've put together something which I hope captures that charm, that seductive appeal Manila has on me, and which keeps me coming back home to her.

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