Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Philippines' gold export rises 4.33% to US$ 79.23M


MANILA (PNA) – The Philippines’ free-on-board gold export rose to US$ 79.23 million in the first eight months this year, up 4,33 percent from US$ 76 million a year ago, according to National Statistics Office (NSO).

NSO preliminary data released Tuesday also show that export of chromium ore went up 3.69 percent to US$ 8.83 million from USD8.52 million.

Outbound gold and chromium ore shipments pushed to US$ 950.24 million the country's total receipts from exporting mineral products this year.

This is only nearly half of 2008’s US$ 1.79 billion mineral product export receipts as financial difficulties continued plaguing the international community, however.

NSO data also show that exports of other mineral product slid down during the period.

Shipment of copper concentrates reached US$ 64.66 million in the first eight months this year from US$ 98.11 million; copper metal with US$ 449.58 million from US$ 888.05 million; iron ore agglomerates with US$ 54.37 million from US$ 85.37 million; and other mineral products with US$ 293.51 million from US$ 636.32 million.

NSO reported no export data for nickel.

Total export earnings from mineral products went down 30.33 percent to US$ 24 billion during the first eight months of the year, from US$ 34.45 billion during the same period last year.

Outbound shipments of agro-based products also went down to US$ 1.35 billion from US.91 billion; forest products from US$ 23.35 billion to US$ 22.85 million; petroleum products from US$ 975.88 million to US$ 184.92 million; manufactures from US$ 28.71 billion to US$ 20.61 billion; and special transactions from US$ 1.04 billion to US$ 883.93 million. (PNA)

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