Thursday, 5 November 2009

Kodak makes grand comeback here

Manila Bulletin

After two years of being represented only by its authorized nationwide distributors in the Philippines, Kodak makes a grand come back this year with the re-establishment of its Philippine office, particularly its Consumer Digital Imaging Group.

According to Kodak Phils. Ltd. Country Business Manager for Retail Printing Cathy Pacia said the company is gearing up to further grow the Kodak business in the country with its array of innovative products ranging from its fast-moving paper and consumer film products, trendy digital cameras, cost effective and eco-friendly digital printers, as well as creative photo gift items for all occasions.

“We are in exciting times when digital technology has inspired Kodak worldwide to grow by leaps and bounds with its product offerings. Kodak has indeed done a good balancing act, aggressively promoting our digital imaging portfolio, while preserving our traditional film and analog camera business,” Pacia said.

Pacia explained that the photo printing business has slowed in the past years due to the growth of digital photography which saw consumers just storing in their computers images taken through their digital cameras. The industry, however, is again well poised for growth as consumers are starting to appreciate the many creative ways they can employ to enhance and print their digital photos with the advent of exciting and new interactive printing services, that is, from Kodak.

In May of 2007, Kodak announced its transition into a “distributor model” for the bulk of its business comprised of Consumer Digital & Film and Photofinishing Group. Its operations consequently reverted back to one where a local company, Techtrends Corporation, just represented the Kodak parent company, multinational Eastman Kodak Company, in the Philippines.

Techtrends Corporation, aside from its sub-distributorship agreements with different outlets in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, also own the Kodak Express one-stop digital shop franchise which now have a formidable nationwide network of more than 350 stores.

With Kodak Philippines re-establishing its presence in the Philippines, it will be playing a big part in coordinating its marketing and promotional activities with its authorized nationwide distributors led, primarily, by Techtrends. Two other distributors, Wordtext Systems Inc. and Euro Color Imaging Corporation, are also briskly pushing the Kodak’s continuous growth in the Philippines.

Anna Cabanos, Kodak Phils. Ltd. Country Business Manager for Digital Capture and Devices, said, “Kodak has brought back its Philippine office to ensure that the Filipinos are always kept abreast of the latest exciting offerings from Kodak.”

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