Saturday, 28 November 2009

Subterranean River discovered in Marinduque

The first underground river to have been found in Marinduque was recently discovered by a team led by provincial tourism officers. This find, together with the development of existing sites unique to the island, augurs well for combined LGU efforts under Gov. Bong Carrion to promote the island-province as an eco-tourism destination in the region - the San Isidro Cave and Subterranean River, Sta. Cruz, Marinduque, Philippines. Village leaders in San Isidro now bent on carefully preserving the site.

To the old folks of the village of San Isidro, the cave is referred to as 'Bagungbungan', a place avoided even by the curious, as it has been associated with phantom stories reinforced by actual accounts of persons who have gone to the cave periphery and, without a trace, disappeared.

Two weeks ago, provincial tourism chair Allan Velasco together with the tourism team, revisited San Isidro cave and conferred with the village chief (who hadn't been to the cave, himself), on the importance of community involvement to preserve the state of this natural treasure.

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  1. This cave looks awesome. This just goes to show that the Philippines has so much natural attractions waiting to be discovered.