Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Things will never be the same

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John Mangun
Business Mirror

There are singular events in a person’s life that become milestones and change that person forever. These are not the same for everyone, but often there are some universal occasions that affect all of us.

Your first real paycheck when you realize you can earn money (and pay taxes) from selling your time and talent. The first time you experience the death of a close loved one and your own mortality becomes a reality. The birth of your first child when you begin to understand the continuity and continuation of life. Nothing is the same again and future actions and consequences are the result of these events.

The world experiences those same sorts of life-impacting moments. Everything changed that day in 1961 when Yuri Gagarin became the first man to travel into space. In 1963, John Kennedy was assassinated, and as with Aquino’s killing in the Philippines 20 years later, the nation was never the same. Twenty-five years ago AIDS became part of the global vocabulary and every person on the planet is ultimately affected.

Many personal and “national” life-changing events are simply a progression of what is natural and expected. Everyone experiences that first loved one dying in the same way that virtually every conquered and colonized nation throughout history eventually became independent.

Still, some things that happen are not part of life’s natural progression. They are unique and stand alone. They become wake-up calls that make us realize that the world is not the way we imagined it to be and will not ever be that way again.

The assassination of Ninoy Aquino woke the Filipino to the realization that even a “benevolent” dictatorship was by definition evil and inherently wrong. And once that understanding came, it was inevitable that the people would eventually rise up. Aquino’s death changed the course of the Philippines.

We all know deep inside that 2009 is a milestone year, that the world will change course because of what has happened this year.

My oldest son was born the year that the United States first became a debtor nation, owing more than it was owed. For more than 20 years, the US and the West built wealth on borrowing. An entire generation of Americans matured on the belief that there was an alternative method to prosperity other than hard work: credit.

No need to get a job; borrow for your school tuition payments. Apply for a credit card when you want a new computer. Not making enough money to afford a car? No problem, easy financing. Would you like to live in a bigger house? Get a loan.

It has been a global pyramid scheme. Look at what happened in Dubai. Dubai has defaulted on $80 billion worth of loans. Honestly, $80 billon is nothing, only petty cash in the large picture. Although the stock markets dropped on the news, Dubai’s problem means nothing, except for the reasons behind the default.

Banks loaned billions to Dubai to build property developments. Banks loaned more billions to buyers to purchase Dubai’s real estate. When the banks ran out of money to loan to buyers, property prices dropped 50 percent. You know what we call an investment that constantly requires new money to stay alive? A pyramid scheme. And pyramid schemes always eventually collapse. The same is true with the housing markets in the US and Europe.

The collapse of the $10-trillion global pyramid scheme in 2009 has changed forever the global economic/financial model.

For nearly 40 years, there has been a dedicated effort to convince people that humans were killing the earth. From the use of chemical pesticides to population increase to the loss of some animal species, there has been a growing “religion” that humans are the worst thing that could have ever happened to the planet. Maybe we just do not belong here. This “religion” has been in direct opposition to “traditional” religions that believe that the world was created for the benefit of humans, not the other way.

But over these 40 years, not a single claim or prediction of the doomsayers has materialized. The final “anti-human” cult has been based on global warming/climate change. So-called scientists have become the new high priests of this religion. Governments have embraced this religion as a way to increase their power over the people, not unlike, as in past times, when the political leader (pharaoh, king, emperor) was assumed to have gained his power because he was a god.

Discoveries over the last few months are proving that this “religion” is based on lies, falsified data, manipulated data, cover-ups, and suppression of the truth and dissenting opinion. The latest is from New Zealand, where a government agency simply changed the temperature numbers so the data would fit the climate-change model. It is ironic that traditional religion, especially the Catholic Church, has been accused of these same practices for 1,000 years by these same secular humanists.

Even as Philippine political leaders fly to Denmark for the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference, 2009 marks the end of this decades-old phony “science.” Not only is the global-warming/climate-change nonsense dead, but we may see a return to the mindset where there is more skepticism of what the god of science wants us to believe.

The Maguindanao Massacre should be a nation-changing event. The Philippines cannot continue with two types of governments. Part of the country lives under a feudal warlord system, the other under a participatory republic; one where the power comes from the top, the other where, for all of its flaws, the right to govern comes from the bottom.

These are incompatible, not unlike pyramid schemes are to economic prosperity and false science is to reason and wisdom.

The year 2009 will be a year that will be looked back on as one filled with turning-point events.

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