Monday, 11 January 2010

92% reject RH Bill when they are informed of its provisions -- Survey Results

Survey done by Harris Block and Associates and Asian Research Organization (Affiliate of Gallup Poll) from Dec 2-9 in Metro Manila.

- 92 % of Filipinos do not agree for Congress to pass the Reproductive Health Rights Bill.

- 90 % of Filipinos disagree with Sex Education of 10 year olds to to be taught in schools; as these are done on technical terms without values; and it is possible for students to be sexually abused by teachers, as has happened a lot in US and other countries. Instead, parents wish to be taught how to teach their children Human Sexuality.

- 90 % object to contraceptives being classified as Essential Medicines with big budgetary allocations, when more important health concerns such as TB, branchial ailments, cancer elimination by inoculation of infants, etc, do not get enough budgetary support. Also, there are health risks.

- Natural Family Planning is preferred by 75 % of couples, and there is a clamor from parents to be taught these methods.

- 90 % do not agree with RH bill's removal of spousal consent for sterilization of the other spouse; do not agree with removal of parental consent to their children availing of pills, IUD's, condoms; penal provisions on employers, health workers, parents, for refusing to allow availment of Reproductive Health Services (pills, condoms, etc).

- in total, there is an overwhelming rejection of the RH provisions, when these are known to the respondents.

This survey was conducted on 500 respondents in Metro Manila on Dec 2-9, 2009. Respondents represented a good cross-section of Filipinos demographics; by a teamwork of opinion research firm HB&A (Harris Block and Associates; earlier known for the Harris polls), and ARO (Asia Research Organization) which has been operating in the Phils since the 1950's, and is an affiliate of Gallup Poll.

The results are reliable and the HB&A / ARO are prepared to defend the methodology, data, etc.


The false claims by the proponents of the RH Bill, using expensive surveys (costing several millions of pesos per survey, of which there must have been around 4-5 surveys done, to precondition the minds of the legislators and the public) by SWS which concluded that the RH Bill is more than 80% supported by Filipinos are being debunked by this more detailed survey (copy of powerpoint of results attached, as well as one press item which resulted from the presscon on the survey.) which shows that 92+% of Filipinos reject the bill and its provisions.

The apparent reason for the big discrepancy in findings (between those of SWS' vs our findings), is because the SWS surveys merely asked general questions whether the respondents favored RH or not, believed in Sex Education or not, etc. It turns out, however, that since 99.99 % of respondents have not read the bill, they therefore were responding without knowing what provisions the RH bill contains, and their responses were based on the clever wordsmithing of the bill, e.g. using the words Reproductive Health, whereas the bill is not really about health or reproduction; but in fact about death of babies and of , the family, and about contraception.

The main objectionable provisions were on Sex Education, universally required starting age 10; mandatory availability of 'reproductive health services' from employers (even for drivers, housemaids), health workers, corporations, or else jail terms can result; and huge budgets for RH to the detriment of other, more essential health concerns which are not presently being able to be given the correct budgets for.

When respondents were informed of the detailed provisions, and their implications to family, govt budgets, etc; more than 90% of respondents rejected the bill and its provisions. The TRUTH was not earlier being divulged, in other words.


  1. I'm very suspicious of this study. Where was this published? If you search Google for "Harris Block and Associates" (in quotes [no results for "Harris Block & Associates"]) this very blog post is the only one that comes out. Nothing substantial comes out for Asian Research Organization either (just rehashes of this same piece, which leads me to ask if they've done anything except this survey). Also, this is the only study that shows this very high number. I honestly doubt that this is an impartial result. It is obvious that such a high number is incredible given that the SWS and Pulse Asia surveys show otherwise (60-70% support the RH bill). Looking for other instances of this study, the same blurbs come out, suggesting that this is nothing more than a press release gobbled up as truth by lazy journalists and sex-obsessed clergy.

  2. Your search keywords are wrong. It should be "Harris BLACK and Associates."

    I have also seen the study, looked at the methodology, and spoke with the persons who created it. The Filipino Family Survey uses a far better methodology than that used by the SWS. The SWS surveys asked loaded and even factually erroneous questions designed to introduce bias into the respondents' answers. It seems your criticisms of the survey are nothing more than ad hominem attacks with no real scientific basis. I doubt if you had even read the survey at all when you wrote your comment.

  3. Maddog: searching Harris BLACK and Associates made it worse. It resulted in your reply, and to think the reply is more than a year ago.