Friday, 1 January 2010

VP Noli de Castro's New Year message

By: Cristina Lee-Pisco

VICE PRESIDENT Noli de Castro yesterday called on Filipinos to participate in the May 2010 presidential election to be able to exercise their right to choose the leader they want.

“I call on our countrymen to take part in this democratic process so that the results will truly reflect our people’s sovereign will,” De Castro said in his New Year’s message.

The Vice President said “let us make a strong stand against poverty, corruption, divisiveness and oppression. Let our united action and prayerful discernment open the path towards the continued development of our nation and sustained dynamism of our economy.”

“Let the hope that we feel today be transformed into concrete steps that we will commit to do in the interest of the common good,” he stressed.

The Vice President said “year 2010 brings us to a critical crossroad in our nation’s political life.”

Once more, Filipinos will exercise their right to choose their leaders at the national and local levels, he said.

“This will give us the opportunity for change in a manner that is peaceful and orderly,” De Castro stressed.

The Philippines was faced with difficult experiences this year because of the global financial crisis which also hit the rest of the world.

This was followed by the onslaught of natural disasters that left many Filipino families homeless and destroyed their sources of livelihood.

“We expressed indignation and rage over the senseless killing of our countrymen. Through all these, we fought back, rebuild our homes and restored our lives.”

He stressed, “today marks another new beginning for our country. Today we greet the coming year with renewed hope despite the challenges and uncertainties around us.”

“Isang maligaya, maunlad at mapayapang taon ang hangad ko para sa lahat. Manigong Bagong Taon!”

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