Sunday, 14 March 2010

Semana Santa sa Marinduque 2010


"The island-province of Marinduque has always been known for its many unique cultural practices and traditions, foremost of which is our over-a-century old Moriones Festival. It is the earliest known street pageant in the Philippines that utilized masks on account of folk culture, matched by colorful costumes replicating the garb of Roman soldiers.

"These ever-present Holy Week morions have inspired many towns, provinces and cities to develop similar home-grown festivals as tourist attractions. We, thus remain truly proud of this tradition.

"The Moriones continues to draw tourist interest, serves as a force for unity as Marinduquenos come home during Lent for reunions. It also makes for an important study on how events of modern times, particularly political influences have inevitably impacted on this tradition, originally anchored on faith, penance and vows.

"In a serious effort to underline the true meaning of Moriones in the spirit of Lent, seemingly lost now in the confusion of commerce and exploitation, we take time to pause and reflect on this tradition that has brought us closer to Our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.

"This year’s observance of Holy Week in Marinduque will be marked with greater respect for the deep solemnity of the occasion, especially that of time-honored Church rituals and traditions, also in keeping with the Moriones’ ancient discipline and panata. We will continue to uphold the Marinduqueno’s well-entrenched religious character made more manifest in this season of prayer, meditation and sacrifice.

"We bid welcome to all who would come to Marinduque for that unique experiential journey into the Passion of Jesus Christ through the many Lenten rituals celebrated here; for that glimpse into the legend of Longinus - he who was the first Christian convert; and for an understanding of the fervor with which our people have nurtured this inspiring story to keep steadfast their faith in God and in themselves.

"Marinduque joins all of Christendom through "Semana Santa sa Marinduque 2010" from March 28 (Palm Sunday) to April 4 (Easter Sunday) with colorful daily or nightly activities and rituals, not forgetting certain time-honored traditions and practices that must be upheld and observed.

"Welcome to Marinduque!"


The Moriones Festival of Marinduque has been the subject of studies on how commerce and trade, modernization and political intervention have, over the years, variously impacted on the colorful folk tradition originally associated with spirituality, penance and vows.

In this video, the Most Reverend Bishop of Boac, Reynaldo G. Evangelista expresses his thoughts and recollections on the moriones tradition and the need for adjustments, keeping in context whatever new components may be introduced, among them, the challenge particularly in Boac to truly make Easter Sunday a day of rejoicing. The focus on things spiritual must be kept, he said, that could even lead to Marinduque making a name for itself as a Spiritual Renewal Destination in the future.

His message was conveyed during the opening program of the Moriones Festival last year (2009), with local government officials and private sector in attendance. This year's Lenten celebration in the Philippine's central island-province, dubbed as "Semana Santa sa Marinduque" thus, strikes a balance between, commerce and spirituality, politics and religion, in keeping with the Bishop's spiritual message.

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