Sunday, 4 April 2010

Easter Greetings from Pope Benedict XVI


Resurrectio Domini, spes nostra! The resurrection of Christ is our hope! This the Church proclaims today with joy. She announces the hope that is now firm and invincible because God has raised Jesus Christ from the dead. She communicates the hope that she carries in her heart and wishes to share with all people in every place, especially where Christians suffer persecution because of their faith and their commitment to justice and peace. She invokes the hope that can call forth the courage to do good, even when it costs, especially when it costs.

Today the Church sings “the day that the Lord has made”, and she summons people to joy.

Today the Church calls in prayer upon Mary, Star of Hope, asking her to guide humanity towards the safe haven of salvation which is the heart of Christ, the paschal Victim, the Lamb who has “redeemed the world”, the Innocent one who has “reconciled us sinners with the Father”. To him, our victorious King, to him who is crucified and risen, we sing out with joy our Alleluia!

--Easter 2009


  1. Hello!
    I'm currently working on a mini ethnography for a cultural anthropology class, so you can imagine my joy when I discovered your blog. I was hoping that you might know of a good place to gather research (online or book source) concerning Filipino culture...especially about the filipino worldview. Or if perhaps you yourself might consider an email interview.

    Thank you again for writing! :)

  2. You can try getting in touch with Fr Jose S. Arcilla, SJ ( One of his books:

    You can also contact Dr Paul Dumol: