Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Biz to Aquino: Appoint competent Cabinet

Written by Max V. de Leon / Reporter
WEDNESDAY, 12 MAY 2010 06:30
BUSINESS groups have already acknowledged the victory of Sen. Benigno Aquino III in the presidential polls, and they heaved a sigh of relief that their fears over the possibility of a widespread election rigging due to glitches in the automation did not happen.

And now business groups will be keenly watching the appointments to Cabinet posts, as they said this will indicate the direction of the new administration, and if they will get the key reforms that they are seeking to really spice up the appetite of the business sector to continue investing.

“The results are acceptable and credible. There is no doubt that Senator Aquino won. The results also jibe with the surveys,” Lim said.

He recognized that the vigilance of the business groups and other sectors prevented any grand scheme to sabotage the conduct of the elections.

With this positive development, Lim said they are now hoping that the new president will appoint “sincere and competent” officials to the Cabinet, and for sure, investments will start pouring in again.

Jesus Arranza, chairman of the Federation of Philippine Industries (FPI), said while it is understandable that those who helped in the election will be given the priority for appointments, they are still hoping that Aquino will give more weight to “qualification rather than connection.”

“Qualification is more important than help extended. As an unsolicited advice, we hope that he will not appoint somebody with a track record of failure in handling an office or a business,” Arranza said.

He said the FPI is looking forward to helping Aquino in the campaign against smuggling, which has been the perennial biggest headache of the domestic industries.

Francis Chua, president of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said there is no doubt that Aquino won in the polls, so everybody should work with the new president, “and give him the flexibility and benefit of the doubt before we start criticizing him.”

He said the conduct of the automated polls speaks well about the maturity of the Filipino people and will certainly improve the image of the Philippines.

The way we conducted the elections reflects efficiency in government, and shows that the Filipinos are already matured and can do something as big as this in an orderly way. So the investors in other countries will now say that, finally, the Philippines is a good place to invest in,” Chua said.

Arranza said the new administration should not be too vindictive so as not to create more animosity and tension among the different political camps.

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