Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Naia 3 readied for more international carriers

Written by Recto Mercene
Business Mirror

REPAIRS are ongoing at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (Naia) Terminal 3 (T3), which will be ready for occupancy within eight months by at least three more international air carriers.

The airport general manager, lawyer Melvin Matibag, announcing this at a press conference yesterday, said the P2-billion repair job will involve fixing the boarding bridges, the baggage conveyors, fire-alarm system, and an automated computerized system announcing the arrival of every flight.

Matibag also said Terminal 2 (T2) would be expanded by clearing Nayong Pilipino, a 36-hectare property paid for by the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA), which supervises the operations of Naia.

The MIAA would construct a cargo area at what is now Nayong Pilipino and, at the same time, clear the way for an underground pipeline running across Runway 13-31 to facilitate the supply of aviation gas (avgas) to T3. At present, the avgas depot servicing Terminals 2 and 3 is located near T2, making it necessary to transport the avgas supply to T3 by truck.

Matibag also announced during the press conference that he will submit his courtesy resignation on June 30, the last day of the Arroyo administration.

Matibag said the T3 repairs started after Japanese contractor Takenaka released the subcontractors from their contractual obligations in the terminal. The “release” gave the subcontractors the go-signal to repair their own infrastructure in T3 without fear of getting sued by Takenaka for breach of contract.

“We would be happy to relinquish control of T3 to the coming administration, knowing full well that it will be ready after the repair and rehabilitation of important facilities there,” Matibag said.

It was largely through the efforts of Matibag and former MIAA manager Alfonso Cusi that Cebu Pacific transferred operations to T3, where it now practically enjoys a monopoly of the new terminal.

“Cebu Pacific is handling from 28,000 to 30,000 passengers a day at T3,” Matibag said. Last year the air carrier registered 8.8 million passengers, a 30-percent increase over the previous year.

Matibag said he will leave Naia with a surplus of P400 million, although his target for half of the year was P800 million.

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  1. saan po o kanino o baka may nakakalam sa inyo na talaga bang bawal ang six wheeler truck dumaan ng naia road kasi maghahatid at magsusundo ako ng gamit sa airport.