Friday, 4 June 2010

BPO industry seen to grow by 26% this year

MANILA (PNA) -- The business process outsourcing industry in the country is expected to grow by 26 percent this year, a Cabinet official said Wednesday.

"This year, we're expecting a 26-percent growth... we're definitely building a name for ourselves as the preferred site for the offshoring industry," Commission on Information and Communications Technology Sec. Ray Anthony Roxas-Chua said in a press briefing.

Roxas-Chua said despite the global recession last year, the BPO sector grew by 19 percent and infused 7.2 billion dollars to the economy and employed 440,000 employees.

"The global demand continues to grow... the market is there so the challenge for us is to keep the supply, we have to make sure that we remain competitive," he said.

Both the Philippines and India are considered the location of choice for BPOs due to less expensive operational and labor costs and having an English-speaking workforce.


  1. Exactly, seem to be good growth coming up in Philippines BPO Sector.

  2. Nice thing that the whole industry is helping a lot of people. As well as the economy.