Sunday, 13 June 2010

New technology on stem cell bared

Manila Bulletin

Filipinos who want to avail themselves of the new technology that promises effective treatment of diseases, including cancer, by using stem cell technology need not go abroad. Top umbilical cord blood and stem cell banking facilities are in the country, using the same sophisticated procedures available abroad.

Aside from the needed technology, the Medical City in Ortigas Center, Pasig, boasts of a team of experts led by an internationally-recognized stem cell expert, Dr. Sam Bernal.

The hospital has several trained molecular biologists who can perform the extraction and cultivation and re-injection of stem cells into the body.

Dr. Bernal said his team extracts stem cells not only from the umbilical cord, but also from the umbilical cord vein, umbilical artery, from the cord substance itself, from the placenta, from the gland inside the placenta, and from the membrane surrounding the placenta.

The Regenerative medicine clinic of Medical City is not limited to just the use of the cord blood because in regenerating other organs such as the heart, Dr. Bernal said there is a need to extract stem cell from other sources.

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