Thursday, 8 July 2010

Gov’t hikes exports growth target to 22%

Manila Bulletin

The government has revised its export growth target to 22 percent, a slight upward revision from the original 20 percent goal this year following the revised growth target of the electronics sector to 25-30 percent from 20 percent.

Bureau of Export Trade Promotion (BETP) Director Senen Perlada told reporters the services sector is expected to grow 30 percent this year while export of goods is expected to grow 20 from 18 percent although the share of the services share will account for 16 percent only of the country’s total exports.

The growth in the services sector, Perlada said, is propelled by the continued growth of the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and the Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) sectors.

“Now is the time to exports. There is no excuse because there is demand and huge goodwill from the international community following the holding of the successful automated elections,” Perlada said. He even said that the 25-30 percent revised growth target of the Semiconductor and Electronics Institute of the Philippines Inc. is a little bit conservative.

In the meantime, Perlada said the BETP is working closely with the Export Development Council (EDC) to prepare for the Philippine Export Development Plan (PEDP) 2011-2013.

“We intend to start this plan by September this year and be presented to the new President Noynoy Aquino,” he said.

The new PEDP would take into consideration all the factors and the situation. “What we have done already is the visioning and reviewed the mission that includes the competitiveness and innovations,” he said.

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