Sunday, 18 July 2010

Int’l airline firms pick RP’s state-of-the-art repair facility

Manila Bulletin
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The Philippines is now the country of choice for airline companies requiring expertise in aircraft maintenance, repairs, and overhaul, as it provides quicker turnaround at much lower costs.

Lufthansa Techniks Philippines (LTP), a state-of-the-art aircraft “maintenance, repair and overhaul” (MRO) center has overtaken its much bigger competitors in Hong Kong and Singapore in terms of confidence and preference by international airline companies.

The world-class facility, which sits at the eastern end of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport’s main runway, is run by 2,700 locally trained Filipino aircraft mechanics. The maintenance center has five service bays that can accommodate various sizes of aircraft that need to undergo the required heavy maintenance or overhaul procedures at any given time.

The transfer of technology from its German partner to the Filipino mechanics has also armed LTP with the much-needed tooling and expertise in performing specialized maintenance procedures for the Airbus Industrie airplanes.

With their extensive tooling and expertise on Airbus airplanes, LTP has been rated as one of the best MROs in the region resulting in being the choice of more than 23 airline companies, including Virgin Atlantic, Cathay Pacific, Air Asia, Qantas Airlines, and flag carrier Philippine Airlines.

The expertise of the Filipino aircraft mechanics on Airbus Industrie airplanes has resulted in quick turn-around times for heavy maintenance procedures.

LTP Vice President for Marketing and Sales Dominik Weiner-Silva said their mechanics can usually perform a complete “heavy-maintenance procedure” or “D-check” on an Airbus Industrie aircraft in 25 days – five days less than the 30-day industry standard.

“A faster turn-around time means more money for the airline company,” Weiner-Silva said.

Aside from the technical competence of our mechanics, our competitive cost is also a big factor why airline companies choose us over other MROs in the region,” Weiner-Silva explained.

Weiner-Silva said the Philippines is now on the global aviation map as a prime source of MRO services. “We now belong to the ‘first league’ of approved MROs worldwide putting the country in the global aviation map.

“Because we are recognized worldwide, we help put the Philippines in the global aviation map as a source of top MRO services and we take pride in our Filipino workers who are now sought internationally for their world- class expertise,” Weiner-Silva said.

“Filipinos are passionate, hardworking, and very talented; that is why it is not uncommon to find them in other country as trainers now whereas they were trainees not too long ago,” Weiner-Silva added.

Weiner-Silva noted that aside from being a member of the pioneer league of approved MROs, LTP also enjoys the approval from major airworthiness authorities such as the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the Federal Aviation Agency of the USA, which he said, enables LTP to compete globally.

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