Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Chinese-Filipino saves 90,000 OFWs in Taiwan

Ramon Tulfo

When the Taipei government threatened to cancel the work contracts of Filipino workers in Taiwan because of the deportation of 14 Taiwanese crime suspects to Mainland China, President Noy even worsened the rift.

Our President said the Pinoy workers—all 90,000 of them—could work elsewhere.

What P-Noy lacked in diplomacy, a Chinese-Filipino philanthropist, Dr. James Dy, made up for.

Dy, owner of the Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center and chairman emeritus of the Filipino Chinese General Chamber of Commerce, went to Taiwan and saved the day.

In his private capacity, Dy was able to convince the Taiwanese government to lift the suspension of the work contracts of 90,000 Filipino workers.

Their contracts have been renewed, thanks to Dy.

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