Saturday, 5 March 2011

It only takes P10 to feed a hungry child

Manila Bulletin

MANILA, Philippines — How much does it cost to save the life of a malnourished child?

It takes only P10 per day, virtually a drop in the bucket for those who have money to spare, to feed a hungry child. This is equivalent to P300 a month, P1,200 in six months to put a smile on the face of a hungry child feeding him once a day, five days a week for 120 days.

Manila Archbishop Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales is making this sales pitch as he wants the millions of Catholic faithful to remember malnourished children at the onset of the observance of the 40-day Lenten Season this Ash Wednesday, March 9.

The Church encourages the faithful to fast during the days of Lent, prescribing obligatory fasting and abstinence starting Ash Wednesday.

In his pastoral letter, the Good Cardinal, particularly, urged the faithful to give whatever they save from fasting to the Church’s feeding program called Hapag-Asa to be launched this coming Wednesday, the first day of Lent, in different dioceses throughout the country.

“Lent is a season of hope and with ashes on our foreheads and hope in our hearts, we go forth to love and serve. We enjoin you, my dear brother and sisters, to donate whatever you save from fasting to Hapag-Asa’s Fast . . . Feed 2011. Help us feed a hungry child,” he said.

Those who wish to help may get a Fast Feed envelope being distributed in different parishes.

For this year, Cardinal Rosales said the program hopes to contribute to the target of Hapag-Asa to feed 130,000 children, more than 36,000 of whom are from Pondo ng Pinoy member dioceses, which are now feeding 18,076 children as of Nov, 30, 2010.

Fast…Feed 2011, a program being promoted by Hapag-Asa, a Church and sector-led initiative to help combat hunger and malnutrition among Filipino children in poor communities.

It is a response to the church’s call to defeat and eradicate hunger and malnutrition.

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