Friday, 8 April 2011

BPO 2010 grows $8.9B, a 26% increase

- A. M. G. Roa

THE COUNTRY’s business process outsourcing (BPO) sector recorded $8.9 billion in revenues last year, a 26% growth from 2009, industry officials said in a statement last Wednesday.

The industry also recorded 525,000 jobs, up 24% from 2009.

Martin E. Crisostomo, Business Processing Association of the Philippines (BPA/P) executive director for external affairs, said in a phone interview yesterday that growth was due to the strong performance of voice-based BPO — the Philippines’ traditional strength — which accounted for 65% of total revenues. He said the group expects revenues to rise further to $11 billion this year.

BPA/P Chairman Alfredo I. Ayala said in the statement that most segments of the industry posted robust growth, with its biggest sector — contact centers — growing 21% to $6.1 billion and accounting for 344,000 jobs.

This made the Philippines overtake India as the largest contact center hub in the world, he claimed.

“We achieved robust growth in all major sectors of the industry: voice-based BPO, non-voice business support and complex services, and information technology,” Mr. Ayala said.

“We have solidified our global leading position, with our agents providing the best customer service in the world,” Contact Center Association of the Philippines President Benedict C. Hernandez added separately.

Moreover, smaller outsourcing sectors like IT services, transcription, animation and game development have recovered from the global financial crisis, as buyers in developed markets have resumed placing orders and started the implementation of stalled contracts, the statement read further.

However, engineering and design services have not yet recovered, with BPA/P Senior Executive Director Gillian Joyce G. Virata noting that related industries in the United States and the Middle East which rely on the Philippines have yet to pick up.

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  1. A 26% increase in the BPO industry from 2009 to 2010 is truly incredible. I do however believe that the BPO industry won't have that much increase compared to last year. Though, I foresee that there is still an increase, I do not believe it won't be as significant(particularly a 26% increase). What do you think?