Friday, 8 April 2011

Highways set to revive Arroyo-era program

Manila Standard

PUBLIC Works Secretary Rogelio Singson on Thursday ordered all district engineers to hire 10,745 workers to help regular crewmen assigned to road maintenance, a pump-priming program started by the Arroyo administration.

The department allocated P690 million for the job program, which runs from April to December, and will draw funding from the Motor Vehicle Users Charge.

Singson said he ordered the 182 district engineering offices nationwide to start hiring workers on a job-order basis to carry out the roadside maintenance program along national highways this year.

Those newly hired workers would augment the regular maintenance crews of the district offices, helping them clean road sides, remove silt from drainage canals, pipes and cross drains, cut vegetation along shoulders, patch up potholes, and clear sidewalks, Singson said.

He said priority would be given to hiring out-of-school youth aged 18 to 24 and other marginalized members of society identified by the Social Welfare Department, and who are residents of the immediate work location.

“They should also give priority to the qualified children of overseas Filipino workers displaced by the civil war in Libya,” Singson said.

“Aside from better roadside management that will help prolong the service life of infrastructure, this program provides gainful employment opportunities to the Filipino people and supports the accelerated poverty alleviation program of the Aquino administration.”

Roadside workers will receive an average minimum daily pay pay of P404 in Metro Manila, P300 in Central Luzon, Southern Tagalog and Mindanao, and P250 in the other regions. Joel E. Zurbano

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