Saturday, 10 December 2011

Whom we deserve

Manila Standard
They do it for the numbers; they do it for the show. We applaud our leaders’ antics however frivolous, reward them in the popularity polls, and then wonder why this country never seems to get anywhere.

The President’s Pulse Asia ratings for the third quarter this year show that he enjoys the approval and trust of the public, by 77 and 75 percent, respectively. What he did to deserve those figures still baffles; what he has done to get them is, however, palpable, if not blatant.

President Benigno Aquino III has become the ultimate crowd pleaser. He chooses his enemies well and times his tantrums to perfection. He foists himself as the touchstone upon which revered institutions such as the Supreme Court should be measured, and even members of the intelligentsia exclaim, “well done!”

He tickles them blue with the promise of vengeance, and the public proclaims him hero. Underperforming in anything outside of prosecuting the Arroyos, he was given by survey respondents “passing grades” on all national issues against which his performance was evaluated.

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