Monday, 2 January 2012

New year of skepticism over Aquino intentions

By: Amando Doronila
Philippine Daily Inquirer
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The New Year promises to be the beginning of a season of skepticism over the good intentions of the Aquino government, with the virtuous slogans driving the administration’s “daang matuwid” in the past one-and-a-half years as the sole justification of the President’s mandate following his landslide election victory in May 2010.

After more than a year of nonperformance and failure to deliver concrete results on election promises, including the reduction of poverty, people are now less inclined to swallow hook, line and sinker pious protestions from the administration propaganda organs. They are beginning to demand, “where’s the beef?”

Many are now asking, is the jailing of Arroyo, the impeachment of the alleged pro-Arroyo Chief Justice and the revamp of a Supreme Court packed by Arroyo appointees enough of a claim of achievement for a results-deficit nearly two-year-old Aquino government? More and more people are asking, are the poor any less poor than before May 2010? Where are the jobs that give incomes to the poor and enable them to buy more food for their families and to send their children to school?

In assessing the accomplishments of the Aquino regime, it is difficult for journalists to turn a blind eye on the defining character of an administration in its first one and a half years—which is that it is an undemocratic government.

This is not the Aquino who mesmerized the people to vote for him in 2010 with promises of a caring and honest government. The basis for his continuing popularity requires closer examination.

The media cannot be, and should not be, party to propagating a momentary fad in the shifting sands of public opinion. To do so would be to abdicate their duty as sentinels warning against the deployment of the superior powers of the state against the weak and disadvantaged—no matter how popular that regime is.


  1. Its been awhile since I found a real good blog that I can follow about our country's progress since I am based abroad- I have followed your blog for more than a year and I can understand some points you mentioned but I must say I smell a pro-arroyo here. Sad.

  2. to anonymous Jan 2, 2012 10:59 AM. neither i am pro arroyo nor pro aquino. reality check po tayo wag tayo magbulagbulagan,i hate to say this but we(here in the Philippines) are in any way progressing slower than what we suppose to be. aquino has greatly misplaced priorities. kung hindi po ninyo alam, ang Presidente po namin ay isang oligarch. pls watch youtube vids of PinoyMonkeyPride. wag pong magbulag bulagan.