Sunday, 18 November 2012

The new airport will be in Kawit

Emil Jurado
Manila Standard

There has been a lot of speculation about the location of the new airport for Philippine Airlines.  What area would San Miguel and PAL president Ramon Ang choose? Will it be in Bulacan? Laguna?  The idea is that the new airport should be close to Metro Manila, for the benefit of passengers. Clark in Pampanga, two hours away from the metro, is just too far.

To my surprise, I learned that the new airport will be in Kawit, Cavite.  That is, if President Aquino will give his go signal.  The airline has been negotiating with the Remullas.  The runway would extend into the sea. This means reclamation, something within the power of the local government to approve and give permission to.

The Kawiteños are no doubt excited.  The move will give premium to Kawit properties.

Give it to Ang for thinking out of the box. Congratulations, Mon!

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