Monday, 18 February 2013

​Love letter to Filipinos

By David H. Harwell
Philippine Daily Inquirer

​​(David H. Harwell, PhD, is a former professor and assistant dean in the United States who now travels and works abroad designing language training programs. He is a published author and a son of a retired news editor.)​

I am writing to thank Filipinos for the way you have treated me here, and to pass on a lesson I learned from observing the differences between your culture and mine over the years.

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  1. POSTSCRIPT TO MR. DARWELL'S LETTER: Thanks for the sincere admiration of our people and our culture that you have publicly expressed in your "Love Letter to Filipinos"...Mr. David H. Harwell, the profound Overseas American Worker. Filipinos will always seek for greener pastures. The standard of living in the Philippines is way far behind the high standard of living in the USA. The chance and opportunity of getting a job in the US or elsewhere in a foreign country is far better than your chance here plus the pay equivalence overseas is way higher compared to one's pay here. That's the main reason why a lot of Filipinos seek to migrate. Is that considered being unpatriotic - not being nationalistic? Definitely not. Patriotism knows no geographical boundaries. Here's a true fact...a nurse in the US earns a lot more annually than a doctor makes here in the Philippines. Just think of other lucrative professional jobs? True, there are many and wide varieties of unheard inequalities, discrimination, and maltreatment here and there but far and beyond, they are still better of in achieving their lifetime dreams and goals...thus swallow their pride or look the other way - knowing it won't be forever. I can speak for myself, been there, done they say. They are better workers than others for the fact that they have their own built-in inner incentive...they don't want to go back and earn less than $10.00 a day...not an hour (that is... if they have a good paying job here). So they do perform to the max! Filipinos in general are good hard workers. If you treat them right, they will perform more than what you pay them. You screw what happens. Filipinos are family oriented, no doubt 110% They care about the whole clan...the extended family and if possible live in a compound to help each other out. If anytime someone ends up in an Emergency Room, consider that there will be a surprise family reunion in the waiting room. If someone dies in the family, it takes three days and two nights...24 hours a day - to keep the entire family bonding together and mourning their loved one. That is how family oriented we are! If their parents get old and frail, sometimes their siblings fight over where and who is going to take care of them. That's Filipino culture and proud of it. Thanks for the kind compliments! Mabuhay ang Pinoy and God Bless the USA!