Wednesday, 9 April 2008

PGMA inaugurates Petron refinery’s “first of its kind” facilities in Limay

LIMAY, BATAAN--President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo will inaugurate here tomorrow the Petro-Fluidized Catalytic Cracking (PetroFCC) and Propylene Refining Unit (PRU) facilities of the huge Petron Refinery in this town.

The oil refiner, through the PetroFCC, the very first of its kind in the world, and the PRU facilities can now convert black products such as fuel and bunker oil to "white" products such as liquefied petroleum gas, gasoline, diesel, among others, and to extract the petrochemical feedstock propylene.

The PetroFCC has a conversion capacity of 19,000 barrels per day while the PRU will produce 140,000 metric tons of propylene a year. The two units were commissioned in February and March of this year, respectively.

Examples of propylene's numerous end uses include automobile components, carpets, CDs, clear film food wrap, eyeglasses, polyurethane foams, impact-resistant and bullet-proof windows, moulded plastic goods such as buckets, nitrile rubber hoses, paints and protective coatings, grocery bags, synthetic fibres, watercooler bottles, and wood products such as plywood.

The PetroFCC and the PRU are core components of the first phase of the company's $300-million Refinery Master Plan, which also includes a BTX unit that would produce aromatics namely benzene, toluene, and mixed xylene. The BTX unit is scheduled for completion in the first quarter next year.

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