Saturday, 12 April 2008

Statement of Secretary Ignacio R. Bunye: From Usec Edwin Enrile in Geneva


Glad to report that the presentation of the Philippine delegation led by Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita this Friday afternoon before the UN Human Rights Council which has pioneered a universal periodic review of the human rights situation of all 192 member countries was quite successful.

The Philippines was praised by most member countries for having given a comprehensive and candid picture of the human rights situation in the country. In its presentation, the delegation highlighted our achievements in the field of human rights and the reforms and measures we continue to pursue, even as we also acknowledged the challenges our country face, and we welcomed the recommendations and all forms of cooperation from the international community.

Our presentation touched on the whole spectrum of human rights issues, violence against women and children, children in conflict with the law and in detention, human rights education, poverty, corruption, unexplained killings, civil and political rights, economic social and cultural rights, rights of migrant workers, disabled persons, and indigenous peoples, our accession to human rights treaties and protocols.

After the presentation, the delegation was openly applauded by the human rights council; an applause is not quite usual for such presentations.

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